Gourmet Mangalitza Pork Box: the Kobe and Wagyu of pork: delicious!
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Gourmet Mangalitza Pork Box: the Kobe and Wagyu of pork: delicious!

Here is the pork equivalent of the famous Wagyu, or Kobe beef, with a rich, deep flavour and tender, moist succulence so good it will spoil you for 'normal' pork . . . and what a treat to serve your epicurean guests! Its Kobe beef-like marbling through the gamey meat makes it the tastiest pork imaginable—it is already a favourite with our Members, and so here is a new and exclusive Gourmet Mangalitza Pork Box containing probably the most delicious pork in the world!

The Mangalitza, or 'Woolly Pig', is a rare breed with an aristocratic Hungarian pedigree as well as an unusually hairy appearance. It was bred by Archduke Joseph Anton in the 1880s, and considered so good that initially it was reserved for the Hapsburg Royalty. This extraordinary pig is now farmed here in the UK by a few artisanal farmers, and is being seized on by Michelin-star chefs who want to serve pork with depth of flavour and succulence. It is appearing in the Club Larder now thanks to those talented Rick Stein 'Food Heroes' Jeanette and Rachel at Alternative Meats, who discovered Lisa Hodgson and her 200-strong herd near Helmsley in North Yorkshire—and could not resist this amazing meat.

Lisa is passionate about her pigs. To develop their superb qualities, the Mangalitza needs a seriously long growing period—from 18 to 30 months, much more like cattle than pigs—and Lisa's diligent care keeps them happy and healthy all their lives, achieving their exquisite flavour. And although this pork is still rare and in short supply, we are delighted to have arranged a special box for our Members to be among the first to enjoy this delicious pork since the Hapsburgs!

And just look at the marbling on these steaks—once you have tasted Mangalitza pork the percentage of fat on a chop or steak will take on an entirely different meaning! The fat is softer, runnier, its melting point is lower, it tastes delicious and it is much easier to digest. The meat is juicy and succulent, and the melted fat does not make the mouth feel greasy at all, just moist and filled with flavour. And once you have tasted roasties cooked in this pork fat, you will never look back!

The Gourmet Pork Box contains 3.66 kilos of the finest pork cuts—including eight of the best pork steaks, four each of the best cuts, prime rib steak (each 220g minimum) and loin steak (each 170g minimum), as well as a leg roasting joint (1kg minimum), two packs of delicious thick homemade pork sausages (each 400g minimum, one spiced with cracked black pepper and one with added black pudding) and a slice of the Prince of Black Pudding (300g minimum), plus extra crackling skin to make this pork experience even more scrumptious.

RRP £102.66. CCUK £69. Order Gourmet Mangalitza Pork Box, total pork weight 3.66 kilos.

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