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ref: CS17CC04
Elegant limited edition hand-crafted modern art cashmere stole, Lost Lines
RRP: 165. CCUK: 67
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ref: HM17DE01
Chic new Mini 1964 Heritage Tote Bag in rainbow colours, by Pittards England
RRP: 195. CCUK: 125
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ref: CC177JL17
Classy, contemporary: the Cinzia coat with plush Scandinavian fox fur collar
RRP: 650. CCUK: 198
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ref: PP17DE01
Craftsman-made English tumbled leather zip-around purse by Pittards England
RRP: 125. CCUK: 87
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ref: PS17CC04
Elegant natural blush pink pearl and 14ct gold necklace: single strand: a snip at 117
RRP: 325. CCUK: 117
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ref: HC17BD01
Desirable heritage check Hepburn coat
RRP: 150. CCUK: 98
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ref: MC17DE01
Chic little Mini College Satchel by Pittards England
RRP: 150. CCUK: 97
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ref: CF17JL17
Fabulous contemporary long fox fur and cashmere stole, the Faliero Stole
RRP: 600. CCUK: 197
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ref: NY17UL17
Stunning long New Yorker Necklace in polished black onyx and pearls
RRP: 335. CCUK: 197
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ref: PG17BB12
Elegant Italian Piano Grande purse wallet multi-organiser with tab
RRP: 85. CCUK: 39
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ref: AR17SR17
Limited edition bag by Spencer & Rutherford: the Isadora 'Affair To Remember'
RRP: 303. CCUK: 198
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ref: NE17SR17
Limited edition bag by Spencer & Rutherford: the Nancy 'Eye Candy'
RRP: 351. CCUK: 239
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ref: NS17SR17
Limited edition bag by Spencer & Rutherford: the Nina 'Some Like It Hot'
RRP: 262. CCUK: 179
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ref: SG17JL17
Luxurious St Germain stole in softest fine wool and rex rabbit fur
RRP: 418. CCUK: 167
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ref: GG17JL17
Contemporary haute couture silver fox and blue fox gilet
RRP: 1100. CCUK: 386
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ref: CS17JL17
Gorgeous and contemporary shaded fox fur stole, a snip at only 179
RRP: 540. CCUK: 179
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ref: MJ17FF15
Stylish, glamorous and superb: Scandinavian plush mink fur jacket
RRP: 5600. CCUK: 1997
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ref: FS17FF15
Luxurious, top-quality long black fox fur stole for instant haute couture style
RRP: 1995. CCUK: 695
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ref: MC17AS05
Midnight Clutch bag in black Swarovski crystal
RRP: 85. CCUK: 55
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ref: MC17FF15
Sheer luxury in the top-quality mink evening cape by European furrier designers
RRP: 3400. CCUK: 997
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