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ref: LG01CJ01
Silk-lined, English-made capeskin gloves for ladies
RRP: 49.00. CCUK: 35.00
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ref: HR01WG02
Olympian Sparca turnout rug: heavyweight
RRP: 64.99. CCUK: 49.00
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ref: HR03WG02
Olympian Sparca turnout rug: lightweight
RRP: 52.99. CCUK: 43.00
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ref: HR02WG02
Olympian Sparca turnout rugs: pair, light- and heavyweight
RRP: 117.98. CCUK: 89.00
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ref: NC01WG02
Olympian Sparca turnout rug: Matching neck cover
CCUK: 29.00
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ref: HS01CF01
Charly Fox hunting ties
RRP: 26.00. CCUK: 20.00
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ref: CS01CC02
The Crushable Safari from Christys' & Co
RRP: 45 plus delivery. CCUK: 39
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ref: CT01GU01
Classic wool Berkeley cavalry twill trousers, save 41
RRP: 130. CCUK: 89
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ref: TB08CC04
Victorian style beaded tapestry handbag
RRP: 43.00. CCUK: 29.00
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ref: MB01CH04
Celtic Herbal Company new mother and baby hamper
RRP: 35.00. CCUK: 30.00
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ref: PK01PW01
Paxton & Whitfield cheese knife set
RRP: 230.00. CCUK: 198.00
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ref: GS01IP01
Rifle slip: Full length
RRP: 25.00. CCUK: 19.00
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ref: GS03IP01
Rifle slip with extra space for bipod and scope
RRP: 36.75. CCUK: 29.00
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ref: CC02DE01
Ear defender carry-case
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ref: AJ01HF01
Arran wool 100% wool over jacket
CCUK: 157.00
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ref: BB01AL01
Bird bolster
RRP: 30.00. CCUK: 26.00
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ref: WT01GU01
Smart pure wool trousers by English tailors Gurteen
RRP: 105. CCUK: 69
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ref: AW01HF01
Tweed shooting outfit: sleeveless jacket
CCUK: 79.00
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ref: AB01HF01
Tweed shooting outfit: breeks
CCUK: 57.00
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ref: TF01RS01
CountryClubuk Trout Fly Box Compendium 100
Sorry, sold out
RRP: 100. CCUK: 49
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