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ref: BS24GA03
Sensational new natural Blue Sapphire, Diamond and 18ct Gold Cluster Ring
RRP: 11250. CCUK: 5395
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ref: MN16MP16
The thrilling new 25 carat Mirabel Diamond Necklace
RRP: 70200. CCUK: 32975
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ref: TB68MP16
Glittering new 6.87 carat diamond and 18ct white gold tennis bracelet: save over 7,000
RRP: 13350. CCUK: 5998
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ref: LB10MP16
The Ice Queen: Fabulous high-quality Diamond Necklace: 10.89 carats, F/VS
RRP: 27090. CCUK: 11973
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ref: AE16MP16
Beautiful .50 carat Diamond and 18ct white gold Alicia Earrings from the Constellation Collection
RRP: 1578. CCUK: 797
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ref: YD16GA03
Magnificent and spectacular yellow 'fancy' diamond ring in 18ct gold setting
RRP: 32450. CCUK: 15798
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ref: SD16GA03
Timeless beauty: the diamond solitaire ring set in platinum
RRP: 19000. CCUK: 9165
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ref: MB16MP16
Head-turning 20-carat Manhattan diamond bracelet: save a cool 15,000!
RRP: 30000. CCUK: 15000
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ref: PD16GA03
Exceptional vivid peridot, diamond and 18ct gold ring
RRP: 14250. CCUK: 5879
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ref: MR13GA03
Sensational natural moonstone, ruby and 18ct gold pendant necklace
RRP: 2950. CCUK: 1479
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ref: MC16CK02
Fabulous South Sea pearl, diamond and 18ct gold earrings
RRP: 6550. CCUK: 1897
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ref: CP16CK02
Scintillating new South Sea pearl, diamond and 18ct white gold pendant, the Oculus Pendant
RRP: 2500. CCUK: 979
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ref: JN16CC04
Elegant pearl and Burmese jade necklace, the Leonore
RRP: 580. CCUK: 269
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ref: ER16GA03
Fabulous emerald cut emerald and 18ct gold Thalassa Ring from Hatton Garden
RRP: 7200. CCUK: 3793
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ref: LL16CC04
Hand-carved blue lapis and 14ct gold Indus Necklace
RRP: 850. CCUK: 327
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ref: SN16CC04
Graceful and elegant Symphony Necklace in natural pearls, lapis and 14ct gold
RRP: 1450. CCUK: 579
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ref: ME16CC04
Moonburst Earrings from Hawaii in lustrous mabe pearls and 14ct gold
RRP: 425. CCUK: 198
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ref: CE16CC04
Romantic amethyst and sterling silver Columbine Earrings
RRP: 600. CCUK: 329
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ref: FS16CC04
The New Fur Collection: Sumptuous creamy golden fox fur stole
RRP: 1050. CCUK: 489
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ref: FF06CC04
The new Fur Collection: Gorgeous demi-buff mink cape
RRP: 3500. CCUK: 1679
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