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ref: MB24HW02
Fine camphor burl veneer cufflinks box by Hillwood: a work of art: 24 cufflink box
RRP: 180. CCUK: 137
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ref: HB01KB17
The Kent handmade military hairbrush: acknowledged as the world's ultimate brush
RRP: 180. CCUK: 135
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ref: BB01KB17
The ultimate shave: silver tip badger hair shaving brush for men: by Kent, the Royal Warrant Holders
RRP: 75. CCUK: 59
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ref: WH25HW02
Fine new English Burl Walnut Cigar Humidor by the experts, Hillwood of London
RRP: 260. CCUK: 189
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ref: AD17MA01
For the most stylish warm winter: double-breasted coat in hand-woven Donegal wool
RRP: 511. CCUK: 297
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ref: SH46WE02
Luxurious and stylish edge-to-edge merino wool coat-cardigan by Westend
RRP: 150. CCUK: 89
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ref: BC17WE02
Ladylike, classic, understated: return of the perfect Boyfriend Cardigan in super-soft merino wool
RRP: 85. CCUK: 59
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ref: XC19WE02
Smart little in-vogue blue merino cardigan-jacket
RRP: 80. CCUK: 57
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ref: MX46WE02
Scene-stealing and luxurious: stylish new double-neck Aran cardigan-jacket in soft Merino wool
RRP: 105. CCUK: 69
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ref: CW18WE02
Fabulous pure merino Aran cowl neck sweater by Westend Knitwear
RRP: 70. CCUK: 49
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ref: HH06WE02
Irish Aran honeycomb knitted hat in soft Merino wool
RRP: 23. CCUK: 12
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ref: WT21WE02
Compelling new cardigan jacket: combiness haute couture and comfort
RRP: 105. CCUK: 73
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ref: ZC46WE02
Fashionable, warm, soft Merino side-zip coat by Westend of Ireland
RRP: 123. CCUK: 79
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ref: MT27WE02
In-vogue style statement: fabulous long, cowl neck tunic and sweater dress
RRP: 84. CCUK: 63
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ref: NP10WE02
Super new buttoned cape in super-soft pure Merino for a warm finish
RRP: 90. CCUK: 49
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ref: MX47WE02
Flattering, fashionable textured Aran coat-dress by Westend Knitwear
RRP: 105. CCUK: 79
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ref: HD40WE02
Stylish Irish knitted hooded zip cardigan-jacket for boys and girls: super-soft Merino wool, hand finished
RRP: 45. CCUK: 29.50
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ref: WX75WE02
Irish knitted, hand finished, extra-soft Merino cardigan for girls
RRP: 40. CCUK: 29
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ref: WZ45WE02
Super soft half-zip Merino wool Aran sweater for boys
RRP: 50. CCUK: 32
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ref: CX45WE02
Beautiful little girl's soft Merino wool double-breasted coat-cardigan from Ireland
RRP: 50. CCUK: 37
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