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ref: MB17CC04
Vintage jade and natural pearl Maya Bracelet
RRP: 45. CCUK: 19
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ref: BP17CC04
Sweet Cecile natural baroque pearl, onyx and sterling silver earrings
RRP: 225. CCUK: 97
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ref: PJ06CC04
Galapagos Bracelet in natural pearls finished with a turtle in lilac quartz
RRP: 70. CCUK: 39
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ref: CN17CC04
The Calleja Necklace in rose quartz, pearl, agate and silver: subtle and oh so chic
RRP: 295. CCUK: 129
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ref: TA16CC04
A trio of amethysts on a sterling silver collar: the gorgeous new Dream Pendant
RRP: 650. CCUK: 269
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ref: CP17CC04
Effervescent and delicious new finely faceted citrine set in 14ct gold: the Celeste from Le Douceur Collection
RRP: 800. CCUK: 387
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ref: RN14CC04
New Venetian Collection: beautiful, sophisticated Raphael design: Necklace
RRP: 1800. CCUK: 837
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ref: RE14CC04
The Venetian Collection: Gorgeous Raphael set in 14ct gold: Earrings
RRP: 1785. CCUK: 789
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ref: AJ16CC04
The new Ava Joy Earrings in garnet and 14ct yellow gold
RRP: 250. CCUK: 139
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ref: GE41CC04
Elegant Le Douceur Grace Earrings in citrine, pearl and 14ct yellow gold
RRP: 250. CCUK: 117
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ref: VE12CC04
Beautiful Violetta Necklace and Earrings set in 14ct white gold: Earrings
RRP: 365. CCUK: 197
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ref: VP12CC04
Violetta Necklace and Earrings Set in amethyst and white gold: Necklace
RRP: 352. CCUK: 193
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ref: MP16CC04
Gorgeous new Merneith Pendant in peridot and 14ct gold
RRP: 620. CCUK: 297
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ref: AC15CC04
Pure alpaca cape with alpaca fur trim
RRP: 360. CCUK: 239
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ref: AE18CC04
Aria Earrings in natural pearl, peridot, amethyst and 14ct gold
RRP: 695. CCUK: 337
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ref: DB01TL03
Bowled over: the Danvers bowling bag by Thomas Lyte
RRP: 245. CCUK: 179
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ref: RC12FF15
New fur collection: Luxurious thick natural racoon collar
RRP: 430. CCUK: 207
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ref: OT01TL03
Soft Focus: Luxurious leather and suede Olivia shopper-tote by Thomas Lyte
RRP: 195. CCUK: 129
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ref: FC15FF15
New fur collection: the fabulously stylish catwalk fox collar
RRP: 400. CCUK: 197
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ref: AB01TL03
Small Pleasures: Craftsman-made leather Audrey handbag by Thomas Lyte of England
RRP: 495. CCUK: 269
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