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ref: MD17NM16
Prepare for the party season: the fabulous Mae Dress in midnight silk velvet from the new Nancy Mac Blue For You collection
RRP: 189. CCUK: 139
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ref: AC17NM16
New silvery blue jacquard Ava Coat in Moonlight Rose brocade from the Blue For You Collection by Nancy Mac
RRP: 159. CCUK: 119
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ref: SM17NM16
Floor-length and fabulous: the new velvet midnight blue silk velvet dress by Nancy Mac
RRP: 199. CCUK: 149
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ref: LS05MK01
Stylish and warm pure lambswool crew-neck sweater, designed and made in Italy
RRP: 70. CCUK: 47
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ref: WK45WE02
Gorgeous new pure Donegal wool curl neck sweater
RRP: 95. CCUK: 49
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ref: DZ40WE02
Superb Donegal wool half-zip sweater in the colours of an Irish landscape
RRP: 95. CCUK: 49
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ref: HS17WE02
Cosy and warm pure Merino wool hat and scarf set from Ireland, 39
RRP: 77. CCUK: 39
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ref: SH27WE02
Heritage and modern style: stylish new Merino wool cardigan
RRP: 92. CCUK: 59
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ref: SH43WE02
Smart, fashionable pure merino wool cardigan for stylish men
RRP: 100. CCUK: 59
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ref: SS15WE02
Classic shooting sweater in pure wool with leather gun patches, only 49
RRP: 68. CCUK: 49
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ref: BD17FP17
Stunning South Sea White Pearl and 14ct White Gold Bow Earrings
RRP: 3950. CCUK: 1975
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ref: PC16CC04
Stunning new lustrous Elektra Pearl and 14ct Gold Cuff Bracelet
RRP: 770. CCUK: 329
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ref: PC15CC04
Stunning five-strand natural pearl and 14ct gold Elektra Necklace
RRP: 1475. CCUK: 629
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ref: TT17GA03
Glorious Temptation Necklace from Hatton Garden: 3.30 carat tanzanite and 1.51 carat diamond
RRP: 11400. CCUK: 5097
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ref: EB17FP17
Fabulous new Embrace Bracelet in citrine, amethyst, pearls, gold and silver
RRP: 305. CCUK: 98
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ref: BE17FP17
Enchanting natural Baroque Pearls and Gold: The 'Manon' Earrings
RRP: 750. CCUK: 167
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ref: MN18FP17
Natural beauty: Baroque Pearl and Gold 'Manon Necklace': only 327
RRP: 950. CCUK: 327
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ref: AN17FP17
Magnificent new Aida Necklace of natural orchid pearls with a diamond and white gold clasp
RRP: 1980. CCUK: 795
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ref: FN17FP17
Breathtakingly beautiful new natural South Sea Black Pearl Necklace, 'Fidelio'
RRP: 6000. CCUK: 1970
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ref: PR17GA03
The Vivaldi Ring: a large peridot and diamond cluster ring of the highest quality
RRP: 9720. CCUK: 3998
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