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Game & Wild Fowl Seasons in Northern Ireland
Grouse Aug 12 to Nov 30
Common Snipe Sep 1 to Jan 31
Jack Snipe Sep 1 to Jan 31
Partridge Sep 1 to Jan 1
Golden Plover Sep 1 to Jan 31
Duck Sep 1 to Jan 31
Goose Sep 1 to Jan 31
Woodcock Sep 1 to Jan 31
Pheasant Oct 1 to Jan 31
  (dates inclusive)
Deer Seasons in Northern Ireland
Red Deer (Stag) Aug 1 to Apr 30
Sika (Stag) Aug 1 to Apr 30
Fallow deer (Buck) Aug 1 to Apr 30
Red Deer (Hind) Nov 1 to Feb 28 or 29
Sika (Hind) Nov 1 to Feb 28 or 29
Fallow deer (Doe) Nov 1 to Feb 28 or 29
  (dates inclusive)

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