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John Charcol is the UK's leading independent broker, sweeping the board at the award ceremonies.
Now its experts are on hand to give our members the best deals in the business.

WE are delighted to announce our new partnership with John Charcol, renowned for being the nation's supremo at finding the best mortgages for its clients. We have an exclusive arrangement for our members: you receive advice and the services of the top professionals in the business to find you the best mortgage. Then you pay an exclusive fixed fee of £199 for any mortgage application, regardless of its size (or pay a percentage, if you prefer).

To give an example of the savings this can bring you, on an average loan for John Charcol in the UK, now some £250,000, a likely standard client fee would be in the region of £1,500, so in that case your saving would be £1,300. But beyond this initial saving, substantial as it is, comes John Charcol's expertise at finding you the right mortgage, and ensuring that you pay the lowest rates. 

John Charcol has access to the entire mortgage market of more than 4,000 mortgages. This allows the firm's experts to match the mortgage they select to your specific requirements. You can also take advantage of John Charcol's exclusive mortgages, not available to others, gained through years of working with lenders—and having plenty of clout in the market. 

This means you can take advantage of market-leading deals and niche products. For example, John Charcol was the first broker ever to arrange drop lock rates. Its experts also devised foreign currency mortgages, and developed the first divorcee mortgage. 

John Charcol has simple bus-iness principles, which have made it the leading broker, and made us keen to have this firm as our partner for members. These principles include total honesty with clients and institutions, with the aim of achieving the best mortgage for the former while maintaining relationships with the latter. These span more than 30 years. This year John Charcol won six top awards, culminating in three major titles at the What Mortgage Awards, including Overall Mortgage Broker of the Year. Intelligent thinking on clients' behalf, plus better-than-expected levels of service, are key. We believe John Charcol will more than live up to our expectations.

One aspect of this service to members will be the monitoring of trends and new deals in the mortgage market. The Press often call on John Charcol to provide insights into the market and the firm's leading spokesman, Ray Boulger, is renowned for his unparalleled knowledge. This specialist information will be available to you through regular articles in this magazine, together with news items on eNews.

A key piece of John Charcol's recent research revealed what we always suspect—most of us pay too much for our mortgage. For instance, 25% of us are still paying a lender's standard variable rate (SVR), which could be as much as 2% higher than we should be paying. On a mortgage of £200,000, you could save £3,500 a year in interest alone.

With our exclusive arrangement, members who arrange a mortgage through John Charcol pay a reduced fixed fee of £199 for a mortgage application (not for initial advice), after which John Charcol retains the commission received from the lender. If you wish, you can pay John Charcol's standard fee of 1% of the loan amount, in which case you will receive the commission John Charcol receives from the lender.

To find out more about any aspect of mortgages, and to be put in touch with your personal client services personnel at John Charcol's headquarters in the City, please call Member Services on 020 7291 8600.


Exclusive new mortgage deal from the UK's leading experts

The rise in interest rates makes it even more important to review and renew your mortgage terms.
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