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Fundu Lagoon & Spa, Spice Islands, Tanzania
Fundu Lagoon & Spa lies in one of the world’s most idyllic places, the Zanzibar Archipelago, on the spice island of Pemba. Its tropical waters and the sensory delights of the spice market have brought visitors to these islands for 2,000 years. It was in the deep oceans off the Zanzibar spice island of Pemba that Ernest Hemingway formed the idea of his great novel The Old Man and The Sea. And now you are invited to stay there, in one of East Africa's most stylish end-of-the-world resorts, frequent overall winner of 'The Best Safari Spa in Africa' award, repeatedly chosen by the judges for its tranquil atmosphere, exceptional service and delicious cuisine. It is the ultimate barefoot luxury beach-front resort, and our Members enjoy exclusive advantageous rates and flight deals … more

Amara Selous, Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania
Selous is the world’s largest game reserve—and it seems even larger because it remains unexplored and untouched. So what is a luxurious lodge like Amara Selous, with gourmet cuisine and chandeliers in the dressing rooms, doing in the middle of 20,000 square miles of pristine wilderness? The answer is: providing a different kind of safari experience from the northern Tanzanian Serengeti-Masai Mara style. One in which, when you find a lion with her kill, or a hippo taking a bath, you will be alone—with no other safari vehicles from neighbouring game lodges to crowd your view. Well, perhaps not quite alone: you will have just a few friends with you, including your own armed ranger. But the difference is clear: in the Selous there are only 20 safari camps in an area the size of Switzerland. So, in the Selous they can specialise in the kind of safari that is out of bounds in the teeming north: in particular … more


Msambweni Beach House & Private Villas, Kenya
The Kenyan coast south of Mombasa holds beautiful surprises, with immaculate white-sand beaches and turquoise waters stretching all the way to Tanzania, interrupted only by gorgeous coves, coral islands, and fabulous mangrove waterways. This is a genuine Swahili paradise offering memorable Nature reserves, spectacular diving, snorkelling, deep-sea fishing and birdwatching, and an exclusive relaxing hideaway still as pristine as when Nature created it. Here on the coast, 26 miles from Mombasa, Msambweni Beach House & Private Villas is a luxurious Swahili mansion, one of Kenya’s finest hotels. It stands in unspoiled seclusion in 28 acres of private grounds surrounded by a coral wall. Below lies a four-mile stretch of sugar-soft white sands. Members enjoy preferenetial rates . . . more

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Garonga Safari Camp, Limpopo, South Africa
You are relaxing, gin-and-tonic in hand, on the verandah of a tree-house, high above the South African bush. Above you is the velvety night sky, the glittering stars seemingly close enough to touch. Below lies a watering hole where the animals will, sooner or later, come to drink: a lion, perhaps, or a cheetah, and numberless small creatures of the night. Alone with Nature, but safe in your tree-home, your heightened senses pick up every sight, sound and smell—tree frogs croaking in the branches, warthogs foraging in the scrub, the cry of a jackal. This is Garonga, the stuff of adventure stories, and the most intimate safari experience you could wish for. And this is our Safari Club in the Limpopo . . . more

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