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Hotel Excelsior, Dubrovnik


Esplanade Hotel, Zagreb
There is a saying in Zagreb that civilisation begins and ends at the Oleander Terrace of the Esplanade Hotel—and with just one look you will understand why. The sense of timeless elegance here is almost overwhelming; the authentic Art Deco styling an echo of its legendary past as the overnight highlight for Orient Express passengers on their way to Istanbul in the 1920s. Today it is still close enough to shake hands with Zagreb's historic railway station, itself a study in turn-of-the-century Art Deco. After all, Zagreb was not called the 'Paris of the East' for nothing. Through the decades, the Esplanade has retained its unique status as one of Europe's truly grand hotels, the seemingly endless list of famous names: a veritable who's who from the world of glamour, entertainment and politics. The stunning gold, black and brown lobby is an impressive beginning to your guest experience, the seven clocks above the entrance a reminder that here, under the clocks, was the meeting point for Zagreb's well to do . . . more

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